This page features some of the many documents that records the long running saga between Catch22Bus, the Traffic Commissioners, the Department for Transport (DfT) and the former Senior Traffic Commissioner Ms Beverley Bell who was investigated for "allegations of extremely serious misconduct". 

Three years after making a serious complaint to the DfT, and then only after an approach to the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office, a retired High Court Judge conducted a detailed inquiry which reported in September 2018. 

The former Senior Traffic Commissioner "resigned prior to the conclusion of internal disciplinary process" and the DfT have refused to share and publish the report into her conduct. 

Adverse decision - Beverley Bell - June 2015
Adverse decision from Ms Bell in June 2015 after 8 Public Inquiry hearings. Of the 39 findings of fact, 34 were not supported by either the written or oral evidence presented at the hearings.
By this time a complaint of serious misconduct had already been lodged with the Dept for Transport.
Beverley Bell unredacted decision June 2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [537.4 KB]
Summary of Public Inquiry and other hearings from 2014 through to April 2017.
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Route One article - 2015
7-year ban article printed by Route One on Ms Bell's June 2015 decision.
It should be noted that Route One prior to the decision printed many of the false statements made by Ms Bell at the hearings. The author, Mike Jewell, is a close personal friend of Ms Bell.
Adobe Acrobat document [375.4 KB]
LETTER - escalating complaint to Secretary of State -
This was the letter sent to the Secretary of State in December 2016, escalating the complaint against the Senior Traffic Commissioner made back in March 2015, but still not investigated. Despite this, it was not until February 2018 that the SoS commissioned a former High Court judge to investigate the alleged conduct.
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Statement from P Higgs submitted to Sir Alistair MacDuff
This is the statement submitted to the retired High Court Judge to summarise the grounds of complaint and allegations of "extremely serious misconduct".
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Deputy Traffic Commissioner John Baker decision - Nov 2016
Decision from DTC John Baker overturning ALL of Ms Bell's findings from 2015 but finding "loss of repute" for exposing Ms Bell for alleged speeding & other motoring offences, as recorded by licensed Private Investigators.
Catch22 decision_Nov2016.pdf
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Secretary of State Original Position
This was the original position of the "Secretary of State", supporting our Grounds of Appeal in March 2017, prior to a request from DfT to withdraw complaints of serious misconduct against Senior Traffic Commissioner Ms Bell.
Catch 22 SST Response - Original_March20[...]
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Secretary of State - Revised Position
After refusing to withdraw the allegations and complaint against the Senior Traffic Commissioner, the Secretary of State did a complete "volte face" and reconsidered its position on supporting our Grounds for Appeal against DTC John Baker's decision!!!
Catch 22 SST Revised Response - April 20[...]
PDF File [20.6 KB]
March 2020 - Response from DfT detailing latest reasons for non-disclosure of Judicial report
This is the latest letter from DfT detailing the reasons why they consider it lawful to not disclosure a report into allegations of "extremely serious misconduct" by Mrs Bell. Over the last few months the DfT keep changing their argument as to the reasons, but this is their latest position.
Response to TO, Chapter ID 282376.pdf
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